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The Almoner

Who is the Almoner and what does he do?

The current Almoner is Brother Paul St. John 33°

The Almoner distrubutes charity to those in need from donations collected at the Monthly meeting held on the 3rd Wednesday, and from those members who include an a donation with their yearly membership dues. If you cannot attend the monthly meeting, please consider making a donation to the Almoners fund. Donations can be mailed to the Valley, just be sure to note that your donation is for the Almoner

Donations to the Almoners funds should be sent the following address
Montgomery Scottish Rite
PO Box 210956
Montgomery, AL 36121-0956

The official description and duties of the Almoner are as follows

Montgomery Valley
All 4 Bodies


  1. The Almoner shall have custody of the Almoner’s Fund, keeping a fair record of all income and disbursements. The Almoner shall make a summary report, during each Lodge of Perfection meeting, stating how many were given aid and how much money was taken in to the Almoner’s Fund since the last report.

  2. He shall at his discretion, contribute financial assistance to those members of society who are in need and in distress, without regard to race, creed, or color.

  3. In situations, where the requirements for service exceed the resources of the Almoner’s Fund, these requirements shall be presented to the Executive Committee for disposition.

  4. While maintaining anonymity of those recipients of relief must be preserved, the records of the Almoner shall be subject to the inspection by the Sovereign Grand Inspector General or Deputy of the Supreme Council of Alabama and the Valley Personal Representative.

  5. Serve on the Executive Committee, and the Temple Corporation.