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The Consistory Degrees are the 31st and 32nd. They are very different in form and content. The 31st Degree reveals the dynamic relationship that has existed for centuries between human law as a means of achieving justice, and divine justice as an ideal. The 32nd Degree teaches the very ancient roots of Masonic Truth in the East. The Royal Secret forms the capstone of the instruction of the Scottish Rite. From this fundamental truth is derived human wisdom and virtue, or right of conduct.

From A Bridge to Light by Rex R. Hutchens 33˚ GC

Office   Name  
Master of Kadosh   Joseph Lester, 32° KCCH  
Prior   Lee Dolihite, 33°  
Preceptor   David Blasingame, 32° KCCH  
Chancellor   Raymond Abercrombie, 32°  
Minister of State   Michael L. Mims, 32° KCCH  
Prelate Daniel Robinson, 32° KCCH  
Marshal of Ceremonies   Grady C. Welden, 32° KCCH  
Expert Brian Autrey, 32°  
Assistant Expert   Daniel Bush, 32°  
Bearer of the Black Standard   Randy Clay, 32° KCCH  
Captain of the Guard   Nicolas Milner, 32° KCCH