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The first step - Become a Freemason

The Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry. Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternity in exsistance. A good place to start is You can also contact the lodge in your community. There is a very easy to use directory of all Alabama Lodges on the Grand Lodge of Alabama website. Click play below to watch a short video about Freemasonry.

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How to become a member of the Scottish Rite

If you are a Master Mason in good standing with your Lodge you can petition to join the Scottish Rite

In addition to your information, you must get two Scottish Rite members to sign the petition, one as a recommender, the other as an avoucher. Once you have a completed and signed petition you can turn it in at the Temple, or ask a Brother to turn it in for you. After the petition has been voted on and approved, you will be contacted to schedule your Reunion. Reunions are usually held once or twice a year depending on the number of petitions recieved by the Valley.

Scottish Rite Reunions

Currently, Reunions are 1 or 2 day events, usually held over a weekend. During the Reunion the Candidates are taught the 29 Scottish Rite Degrees. Some Degrees are performed while others are taught in a classroom setting via slide lecture.