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Council of Kadosh

The degrees encompassed by the Council of Kadosh are the 19th through the 30th. Of the four bodies in the Scottish Rite, the Council contains the most degrees. Although identified as chivalric or philosophical, they are all intensely mystical with respect to the lessons conveyed and symbols employed. The word “Kadosh” itself is Hebrew and is usually translated as “holy.” A more precise meaning is “separated.” The concept of “separated” can have both positive and negative possibilities. The mission of Masonry is not to create “holy” men, but to set apart from the rest of humanity those exemplary men who practice her noble virtues in the pursuit of truth.

From A Bridge to Light by Rex R. Hutchens 33˚ GC

Office   Name  
Commander Rani Christie, 33°  
1st Lt. Commander   ames H. Pilson 33°  
2nd Lt. Commander   David Blasingame, 32° KCCH  
Chancellor   Zachary Holmes, 32° KCCH  
Orator Robert George, 32° KCCH  
Prelate Michael L. Mims, 32° KCCH  
Marshal of Ceremonies   Doyle W. Tallmage, 32° KCCH  
Turcoplier Lee Dolihite, 33°  
Draper   Randy Clay, 32° KCCH  
1st Deacon   Donald Bush, 32°  
2nd Deacon   Bryan Meehan, 32°  
Bearer of the White Standard   John J Hall III, 32° KCCH  
Lieutenant of the Guard Robert Levin, 32°