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Knight Commander of the Court of Honor

Like the 33°, KCCH is an honor, which the Supreme Council bestows on deserving Brethren. It is, however, not a degree. Rather it is a rank and designation. A Brother may not request the KCCH honor and, if he does so, Southern Jurisdiction rules stipulate automatic refusal. In order to receive the designation, a Brother must have been a 32° Mason for a minimum of 46 months, but typically the period is much longer. The executive committee of the Valley nominates candidates for the honor. In order to be nominated a Brother must be deemed to have given exceptional service to the Rite, Freemasonry or his community, based on principles taught in the Scottish Rite Degrees.

KCCH Officers

Office   Name  
Commander Carl H. Endert, 32º KCCH  
Lt. Commander James A. McKinney, 32° KCCH  
Prior John J Hall III, 32° KCCH  
Recorder Grady C. Welden, 32° KCCH  
Treasurer Grady C. Welden, 32° KCCH  
Orator Daniel W. Robinson, 32° KCCH  
Almoner Paul J. Adams, 32° KCCH  
Chaplain John W. Van Valkenburg, 32° KCCH  
Master of Ceremonies Brian K. Autry, 32° KCCH  
Temple Guardian Jonathan L. Floyd, 32° KCCH  
Name Photo Date
Leon D. Brown   6 October 1997
Kenneth D. Wallace 6 December 2003
E. Willard Eason Jr.   10 December 2005
Robert L. George   29 September 2007
Jimmy R. McCain   29 September 2007
Raymond Smith   29 September 2007
Danny J. Wilson   29 September 2007
Mark A. Johnston   21 November 2009
William A. Jones   21 November 2009
Harold E. McGill   21 November 2009
Gregory A. Patrick   21 November 2009
Thomas R. Sims   21 November 2009
Christopher E. Tackett   21 November 2009
Carl H. Endert Sr.   8 October 2011
David O. Blasingame   2 November 2013
Joseph L. Lester   2 November 2013
Calvin S. Lockhart   2 November 2013
John W. Van Valkenburg   2 November 2013
Jerry C. Ogletree   19 September 2015
Elmer Smith Jr.   19 Spetember 2015
Doyle W. Tallmage Jr.   19 September 2015
John J Hall III   23 September 2017
James Allen McKinney   23 September 2017
Michael Lawrence Mims   23 September 2017
Grady Clinton Welden   23 September 2017
Paul J Adams   26 October 2019
Robert R Clay   26 October 2019
Nicholas L Milner   26 October 2019
Daniel W Robinson   26 October 2019
Brian K Autrey   11 September 2021
Jonathan Lavine Floyd   11 September 2021