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Knights of St. Andrew

The Knights of St. Andrew meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6pm in the Lodge room of the Scottish Rite Temple. The KSA supports the Valley in a variety of ways. You will often see the Knights assisting with setting up the Lodge room, helping pre-pare and cleanup after a meal, or any other service that the Valley might require. The KSA is always looking for new members to help support the Valley. If you are interested in becomming a Knight, ask the Valley Secretary for a Petiton and submit it at any time.

Office Photo Name Phone Number
First Knight Grady C. Welden 32° KCCH
Grand Councilor   Daniel Robinson 32°
Knight Keeper of the Realm   Michael Mims 32° KCCH
Knight Keeper of the Quill   Douglas Kerr 32°
Keeper of the Grail Ronald Davis 32°
Knight Keeper of the Watch Fidel Cintron 32°
Knight Keeper of the Flag    
Knight Grand Orator   James Cole 32°
Knight of Merriment   Peter Preilaida 32°
Knight of Heraldry & Regalia   James B. Jones 32°