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Lodge of Perfection

These degrees, the 4th through the 14th, are called the Ineffable Degrees because their principal purpose is the investigation and contemplation of the ineffable name of Deity. The word “Ineffable” derives from Latin ineffabilis, which means something that should not be spoken. As used in these degrees, it refers to the belief of ancient Judaism that the name of God was not to be spoken. This concept forms a metaphor for the Scottish Rite teaching that all of the essential qualities of Deity are incapable of description in language

From A Bridge to Light by Rex R. Hutchens 33˚ GC

Office Photo Name Phone Number
Venerable Master Zachary Holmes, 32° KCCH  
Senior Warden   Randy Clay, 32° KCCH  
Junior Warden   Michael L. Mims, 32° KCCH  
Orator   David Blasingame, 32° KCCH  
Prelate Daniel Robinson, 32° KCCH  
Master of Ceremonies Paul Mann, 32° KCCH  
Expert   L R Levin, 32°  
Assistant Expert Nicolas Milner, 32° KCCH  
Standard Bearer   Grady C. Welden, 32° KCCH  
Captain of the Hosts   John J. Hall III, 32° KCCH