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A Message from the Personal Representative

September 2018


MAKERS are persons with a can-do / will-do attitude. A person who is always supporting, and striving to be instrumental in being a GOOD Masons and friends.
BREAKERS are persons who continuously and unwittingly destroying all of the good that be accomplished by the MAKERS. Gossip and negative thoughts and attitudes can destroy any organization. Gossip kills!
I ask for all of us to be “MAKERS “.
The Montgomery Valley and The Orient of Alabama should strive to be the best in every aspect. Maybe we have slacked off a bit as an organization, and I seek support in bringing us back to those high standards that we all sought when we became Masons. Be kind, be true brothers, and live out our lives as good Masons should.
Please accept my appreciation for all of you who diligently supported the recent Reunion on August 25th, 2018.