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A Message from the Personal Representative

My Brothers,

I am asking for your help. The Montgomery Valley of the Scottish Rite has a 3rd degree team, and we serve lodges in 29 counties across central Alabama. We go as far south as Andalusia areas, north to Wedowee , East to Phenix City, and Valley Al. We need desperately for our members to consider offering their help in 3rd degrees, especially in their areas. I know that it is sometimes not possible for everyone make it everytime, but if any of you could at least offer your help in your areas, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, traveling with the Degree Team is a great way to meet Masons from all over the State and introduce them to the Scottish Rite

There are many lodges who really need help, and I fear that if they can’t increase their lodges with new members, they may just disappear. I am pleading for help brothers, we do not want to see lodges fold up. Remember, someone was there to help raise you, pay it forward.

If you are willing to consider helping in this urgent need, please send me an email or call me.

Buddy M. Wilson "Bud"
My email address is:
My phone number 334-201-7000 (cell)