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Chapter of Rose Croix

Though only four, the degrees of the Rose Croix Chapter contain teachings that are very complex. The degrees are at once religious, historical, moral, and philosophical. Believing that which is easily learned is little appreciated. The willingness to learn the Pythagorean Tetractys and the Hebrew mysticism known as the Kabbalah, both sources of many Masonic symbols, is demanded. Hebrew history and Christian doctrine are compared and contrasted with other revelatory religions of the ancient world, including the most mystical, and controversial, of all the Books of the Bible, the Apocalypse, or Book of Revelation.

From A Bridge to Light by Rex R. Hutchens 33˚ GC

Office Photo Name Phone Number
Wise Master   Jerry C. Ogletree, 32° KCCH  
Senior Warden   Raymond Abercrombie, 32°  
Junior Warden   Zachary A Holmes, 32°  
Orator   Joseph L Lester, 32° KCCH  
Prelate   Travis DeFoor, 32° KCCH  
Master of Ceremonies   Douglas M Kerr, 32°  
Expert   Doyle W Tallmage, 32° KCCH  
Assistant Expert Michael L. Mims, 32° KCCH  
Bearer of Beausant   Andrew H Barnett, 33°  
Guardian of the Temple   Daniel W. Robinson, 32°