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From the Desk of Secretary - January 2019

Calendar Schedule

2 Jan - Study group/Degree instruction
6 Jan - SR Team practice
9 Jan - Executive Committee meeting/3dt practice
16 Jan - LOP & Council meetings
20 Jan - SR Team practice

Dues and Suspension for non-payment

As of 31 December 2018, we suspended 39 members for non-payment of 2 years dues. If you know any suspended member, please let them know that they may reinstate any time for one-year dues of $100.00

2019 Officers

Our congratulations to the new 2019 Officers that have started their duties and need your support.

Please attend our Valley functions, they are listed in the web calendar and on the Lodge room entry wall. Have you any idea of how to increase attendance at our monthly meetings? We hoped the education portion would help. It has increased participation and discussions about the degree that is presented. Any suggestion will be accepted and is solicited.

William J Loerch, Secretary